The TRUE Road to Success

The TRUE Road to Success

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“Tell me about yourself, your horses, your challenges, AND how I can be of greatest service to you. It’s SO fun to get to know each other and connect with like-minded folks who have similar passions, don’t you think!
I believe in the value of open and honest communication. I’ll be honest when I say that initially barrel racing was ALL about ME!  It was about ME having fun, ME looking good, and on a deep level – ME searching for approval from others. That’s not the way it is anymore, though. NOW I feel as though I ride, train, compete and continue to learn and develop resources to help others – all in service of something much greater.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

Actually, I think we ALL have a similar mission in life – which is to leave the world a better place because we existed.  I’m also confident we can find a lot of PEACE and JOY in the process, no matter the adversities we face along the way.

When we understand HOW we are meant to do that – AND when we understand that our worth isn’t tied to how perfectly we do it, it brings light into our lives where there used to be clouds.
There are sooo many parallels between our personal lives and our horse lives!

Remember, I believe in you and DREAM BIG.
Be yourself, stay true to yourself and your mission.”

Written by Raelee Taylor (Asotin, WA) | Lakota Young Professional, Recipient of the 2017 YPA Discussion Leader Award
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