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Trailer Organization Tips & Tricks

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Hey, y’all! My name is Kenzie McAlister, and I’m your LYPA guest writer this week on the Lakota Blog! With seasons starting all over the country, this week I thought we’d talk about trailer organization hacks! (I don’t know about you, but my trailer looked like a bomb went off in it at the end of last season!) So let’s get right into these 5 awesome life-hacks:

1.Get yourself some Velcro!

I started using this hack a couple months ago and it works wonders with your space. It’s one of those that makes you think “Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!” And it’s so simple:
• Apply a piece of Velcro to a flat surface in your trailer
• Just press the soft part of the SMB’s or bellboots across the velcro

This costs no more than $5.00 which is a huge plus!

2.…and some Vet Wrap, too!

This one is an exceptionally simple hack that can save your saddle blankets from slipping off the racks, with a unique twist:
• Wrap any color vet wrap around your blanket bar
• Lay your blanket down on the rack

Vet Wrap is also easily removable, so you can easily switch it out every few shows to keep it clean!

3.Buckets & Brushes

We all know washing water buckets is a chore, and sometimes when we are on the road, we tend to forget those bristle brushes. To eliminate this, tie your choice of brush to the handle of your horse’s water bucket using trusty bailing twine or a leather strap.

4.Keep baby wipes handy!

This isn’t necessarily a organization hack, but you should always keep baby wipes available in your trailer. Simple baby wipes can be used to tame a fly away mane before a show or a green gooey bit after a ride (ew!) This is just a fast and simple way to safely clean up around the trailer.

5.Repurpose old coffee canisters!

Really wish I would’ve known about this before last rodeo season! Use this hack if you often store feed in your trailer or want to keep little treats for your horse.
• Take an empty plastic Folgers container
• Paint it your favorite color, and stick on a scrapbook label.
• Fill it with your horses supplements, daily rations, or treats and label it as is!

If you have your own trailer organization ideas, post a picture and use the hashtag #LakotaBlog and #LakotaTrailers so we can share!

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