Thinking Outside The Box!

Thinking Outside The Box!

By Joe Camp From the

This is simply the Coolest Thing Ever! Your horse is fifteen to twenty feet away from you when you step up onto the mounting block. You cluck a couple of times and lo and behold he sidesteps all the way over to the mounting block and stands there patiently waiting for you to climb on.

No way, I said. How in the world would you teach your horse to sidestep to you? From fifteen feet away! It’s just not in the logic pattern of everything we’re told to teach the horse… “give to pressure”… not step into it!

But I saw it with my own eyes and was blown away. I did spend a few minutes attempting to figure out how I would approach teaching this to Cash. Very few minutes because I came up with nothing. So I raced off to Monty Roberts’ Equus Online University (where I spend a lot of dinner times because Kathleen is still in California most of the time and it’s lonely out here in TN). And believe it or not… the concept was incredibly simple… and so logical… and within the grasp of anyone regardless of how long you’ve been working with your horses. Honest!…Read the full article at:

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