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As we approach 900 members, we want to pause and thank all of our followers, customers, and LYPA members for making this program such a success! We look forward to the future of the Young Professionals Association, and can’t wait to watch it continue to grow into an awesome community of hard working and dedicated riders. Below are some questions that you may also have about our program:


1.“Do you offer sponsorships?”

Our Young Professionals Association is equally as beneficial to riders as a cash sponsorship would be. Using our 33,000 social media followers, large customer base, and corporate advertising we get your name out to literally thousands of other people and companies in our blossoming horse industry! (And the free Lakota patch isn’t bad either!)

2.“How do I apply?”

It’s easy! Just click HERE

3.“What if I need to change my information?”

It’s inevitable – people buy new horses, win more awards, and move all the time! If you have a change you’d like to make to your profile, simply email it to your Program Director at mgreve@lakotahorsetrailers.com

4.“How do I get my content reposted onto the Lakota feed?”

Just use the hashtag #LakotaYPA, and make sure your Instagram account is not private. (That prevents us from reposting.)

5.“How long until I get my patch?”

Short answer: It depends! We have had a huge wave of applications lately, so we are working to get through them as fast as we can. The Program Director reads and approves every application, so we take time to choose riders we think would fit the Young Professionals community!

Thank you for reading! If you have other questions, let us know by emailing Meghan at mgreve@lakotahorsetrailers.com.

Thanks for checking out the Lakota Blog! Check back in next week when we feature LYPA content!

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