Lakota FOREVER Mural

Lakota FOREVER Mural


Your horse is with you during some of the BEST moments of your life. We’re grateful our trailers can be a small part of all those adventures! Lakota Trailers are built to make your journeys more comfortable for you AND your horse. Use your Lakota FOR all the things your love to do.

Lakota FOREVER is about being able to count on your Lakota FOR fun, FOR work, FOR competition, FOR everything you do with your horse #LakotaForever!

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Special thanks to Professional Artist Cat Badger (CB Scenic Studios) for her outstanding work on our 100+ ft. building mural!

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Andrew Stanfield

Andrew Stanfield has been with Lakota Trailers since 2015 and is currently serving as CMO overseeing the company's marketing, advertising, web development, and video production efforts.