How We Build Lakota (FULL FILM)

How We Build Lakota

The Steps to Build a Legacy

People may tell you “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but when it come to our Lakota Trailers, we take that “small stuff” SERIOUSLY. In this film we follow a Lakota Bighorn Edition all the way through our build process, from start to finish.


Watch our amazing team work to see the detail that goes into our custom built frames / construction, our in-house interior conversions, and the overall outstanding fit/finish of our trailers.

Coupled with Lakota’s warranty and service, it is no wonder Lakota Trailers are widely considered to be the greatest overall value in the horse trailer industry.

noun: Lakota; plural noun: Lakota; plural noun: Lakotas
Definition: Friends & Allies

Building Lakota is about MORE than just building trailers, it is about building each other up in the process. Watch more about what makes Lakota’s Team so unique.

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Andrew Stanfield

Andrew Stanfield has been with Lakota Trailers since 2015 and is currently serving as CMO overseeing the company's marketing, advertising, web development, and video production efforts.