For Beginners Only: True Relationship is About Trust

For Beginners Only: True Relationship is About Trust

By Joe Camp From the

Leadership is not relationship. Partnership is not relationship. “Respect” is not relationship. Relationship does not ease along slowly, getting better and better. It either is or it isn’t. Relationship with a horse is not based upon love, and snuggles, and hugs and kisses.

One of the first things a lot of folks set out to teach beginners is to get your horse’s “respect” so that you will be safe. So that your horse won’t hurt you. At first blush that’s a reasonably sane concept. But where there is no relationship of trust, whether these teaching folks choose to tell you this or not, there is always an element of domination involved in an attempt to obtain a “show of respect” from an untrusting fearful horse…..Read full article at:

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