Best Overall Warranty on the Market

Best Overall Warranty on the Market

There are several aspects to a warranty that buyers will consider before making the big purchase. Lakota is widely known in the industry for having the best overall warranty in the market, but why?

There are several reasons for this including the length of warranty on the structure, living quarters, etc. However the main reason for Lakota’s popularity is in the unique way they build their units. For most manufacturers, the trailer chassis/structure are built by Company “A”, while the conversion and living quarters are built by Company “B.” This arrangement can cause havoc if anything goes wrong and you have to actually use your warranty! Company “A” and Company “B” tend to point fingers at one another about who is at fault and who will pay…

The GOOD NEWS is that Lakota builds your entire trailer from axle to roof, and the warranty applies to all of your trailer (living quarters, structure, etc.). Though it’s uncommon to have trouble with a Lakota, they make it easy if you do. If something is broken they fix it, if you’re upset they’ll make it right, that is the way we do things at Lakota.

✨FAQ: Lakota Young Professionals Association✨

Frequently Asked Questions…

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As we approach 900 members, we want to pause and thank all of our followers, customers, and LYPA members for making this program such a success! We look forward to the future of the Young Professionals Association, and can’t wait to watch it continue to grow into an awesome community of hard working and dedicated riders. Below are some questions that you may also have about our program:


1.“Do you offer sponsorships?”

Our Young Professionals Association is equally as beneficial to riders as a cash sponsorship would be. Using our 33,000 social media followers, large customer base, and corporate advertising we get your name out to literally thousands of other people and companies in our blossoming horse industry! (And the free Lakota patch isn’t bad either!)

2.“How do I apply?”

It’s easy! Just click HERE

3.“What if I need to change my information?”

It’s inevitable – people buy new horses, win more awards, and move all the time! If you have a change you’d like to make to your profile, simply email it to your Program Director at

4.“How do I get my content reposted onto the Lakota feed?”

Just use the hashtag #LakotaYPA, and make sure your Instagram account is not private. (That prevents us from reposting.)

5.“How long until I get my patch?”

Short answer: It depends! We have had a huge wave of applications lately, so we are working to get through them as fast as we can. The Program Director reads and approves every application, so we take time to choose riders we think would fit the Young Professionals community!

Thank you for reading! If you have other questions, let us know by emailing Meghan at

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LYPA Blog: Shedding Tips & Tricks

It’s Showtime!

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Hello! I’m Monica Stewart and I am a Lakota Young Professional from Marshfield, Missouri. I am 19 years old and I have been competing in rodeo since I was 14. I also show in working cow horse events around the Midwest. With spring right around the corner, you may want to start preparing your horse for show season or rodeo season, one thing that doesn’t take much more than a little elbow grease that can really put you ahead in the show pen is a slick hair coat. Below are a few tips to help you get started on your horse!

1. Try artificial light!

Horses begin to shed because of the lengthened number of daylight hours in the spring, not just because it’s getting warmer! Ideally, you would put this in their stall-as that’s where they will be spending a lot of their time in the winter. The artificial light before spring actually comes will trick the hair coat into thinking it is time to shed the hair! Cool, right?

2. Cover ’em up!

You will need to have a sheet on your horse to keep them comfortable as they start shedding hair. Your horse will need to stay warm for this process to work. I like to put an attachable head on as well on the super chilly days!

3. Brush, Brush, Brush!

Each day you will grab a brush and see the magic happen. My choice of brush is a rubber horse grooming glove or rubber curry comb style brush, with these you can really rub the hair and get the most out of your grooming time!

4. Don’t give up!

As you begin the shedding process, it may feel like you’ll be covered head-to-toe in those itchy little hairs forever, but with these tips you’ll have your horse slick as summer in no time!

If you have your own spring horse care ideas, post a picture and use the hashtag #LakotaBlog and #LakotaTrailers so we can share!

Would you like to become a Lakota Young Professional? Click here!

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Easy Access to your Saddles

Easy Access to your Saddles!

Make getting to your saddles easy and convenient! Our new swing out saddle rack only requires a simple pin to move the saddle into two different positions. Contact your dealer to learn more today!

Swinging Saddle Rack



Call your local dealer to see more! #LOVELakota

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Bighorn Jalousie Window Option

Is it Hot in Here?

The Lakota Bighorn now has the option to add jalousie windows in the bedroom section of the trailer. Warm afternoons that turn into chilly nights are perfect for this flexible window style!

Jalousie Window Option

Call your local dealer to see more! #LOVELakota

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A Day of LOVE | Happy Valentine’s Day from Lakota

A Day of LOVE ❤️

As you plan for a wonderful evening with your sweetheart, don’t forget about your second love (or first) who may be sleeping in the barn! Even the smallest things can brighten your horse’s day. Maybe bring home a special treat, give them a good wash, or go for a joy ride!

Love Lakota

If it is the right time for you, give them one of the greatest gifts they’ll ever want, a Lakota!
Find your local dealer today to learn more. #LOVELakota

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LYPA Blog: Trailer Organization Tips & Tricks

Trailer Organization Tips & Tricks

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Hey, y’all! My name is Kenzie McAlister, and I’m your LYPA guest writer this week on the Lakota Blog! With seasons starting all over the country, this week I thought we’d talk about trailer organization hacks! (I don’t know about you, but my trailer looked like a bomb went off in it at the end of last season!) So let’s get right into these 5 awesome life-hacks:

1.Get yourself some Velcro!

I started using this hack a couple months ago and it works wonders with your space. It’s one of those that makes you think “Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!” And it’s so simple:
• Apply a piece of Velcro to a flat surface in your trailer
• Just press the soft part of the SMB’s or bellboots across the velcro

This costs no more than $5.00 which is a huge plus!

2.…and some Vet Wrap, too!

This one is an exceptionally simple hack that can save your saddle blankets from slipping off the racks, with a unique twist:
• Wrap any color vet wrap around your blanket bar
• Lay your blanket down on the rack

Vet Wrap is also easily removable, so you can easily switch it out every few shows to keep it clean!

3.Buckets & Brushes

We all know washing water buckets is a chore, and sometimes when we are on the road, we tend to forget those bristle brushes. To eliminate this, tie your choice of brush to the handle of your horse’s water bucket using trusty bailing twine or a leather strap.

4.Keep baby wipes handy!

This isn’t necessarily a organization hack, but you should always keep baby wipes available in your trailer. Simple baby wipes can be used to tame a fly away mane before a show or a green gooey bit after a ride (ew!) This is just a fast and simple way to safely clean up around the trailer.

5.Repurpose old coffee canisters!

Really wish I would’ve known about this before last rodeo season! Use this hack if you often store feed in your trailer or want to keep little treats for your horse.
• Take an empty plastic Folgers container
• Paint it your favorite color, and stick on a scrapbook label.
• Fill it with your horses supplements, daily rations, or treats and label it as is!

If you have your own trailer organization ideas, post a picture and use the hashtag #LakotaBlog and #LakotaTrailers so we can share!

Would you like to become a Lakota Young Professional? Click here!

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Charger C2HSLBP11SE Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

Charger C2HSLBP11SE Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

The ✨NEWLY REDESIGNED✨ Charger CXHSLBP11SE is an outstanding living quarters horse trailer that is easily towed and affordable on MANY budgets. This unit comes with the same outstanding Lakota warranty and durable design. Check out more at #LakotaFOREVER

Call your local dealer to see more!

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✨5 Ways to Get Accepted: Lakota Young Professionals Association✨

So you want to be a Lakota Young Professional??

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Currently hosting around 725 members, the Lakota Young Professionals Association is continuing to grow rapidly in a short amount of time. Sorting through the hundreds of applications we have received since the launch of the LYPA in September 2016, we have come up with a few things that make some applicants stand out above the others.

✨5 Ways to Get Accepted:

1.Fill in all personal information accurately.

These include:
– Spelling your name correctly. (Really!)
– Typing in your home address correctly. (This is where your patch gets delivered, so it’s important!)
– Giving the correct email address where you are able to be reached.

All of these things are important for communicating with you as LYPA members, and getting your Lakota patches to the right place.

2.Take your time!

The Bio portion of the application is for us here at Lakota and the other LYPA members to get to know more about you using your profile! We love reading through them, so please add things like:
– How long you’ve been riding
– Who your role models are in the horse world
– Even tell us about your horse!

Don’t be afraid to write too much…there’s no such thing!


Please attach photos in .jpeg format! Also, please make sure your picture is appropriate, (i.e. No dog filter SnapChat selfies.) Treat this as if corporate businesses in the horse world will be looking, because they will be!

4.Use a desktop computer.

The mobile version of the Lakota Trailers website is awesome to scroll through on your phone (Just check out some of our 3D trailer tours!) However, it is unable to submit your application. So to avoid any frustration, please use a desktop computer or laptop to submit it!

5.PLEASE be patient.

Lakota is just as excited as you are you get your application processed, but it may take a few days. The minute you are accepted, you will receive an email!

Are you ready to become a Lakota Young Professional? Click here!

Thanks for checking out the Lakota Blog! Check back in next week when we feature our newest LYPA Rider of the Week!

Just in time for the Super Bowl LI! Lakota’s Premium Outdoor Kitchen

Premium Outdoor Kitchen

Just in time for the Super Bowl LI! Lakota’s AMAZING Premium Outdoor Kitchen will turn any event into a party!!
Large speakers are attached to 55″ TV, gas cook-top, dual large capacity refrigerators, sink, large counter space with drawer storage! Knowing where your friends will be watching the big Patriots / Falcons game will be an easy. Check out our Bighorn BH8X19TSROK.

Call your local dealer to see one today!

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A Horse Trailer for Gourmet Chefs?

A Horse Trailer for Gourmet Chefs?

Our new Bighorn BH8X17SRB is the traveling cook’s dream! With AMAZING counter space in the kitchen and ample storage space in the kitchen AND bathroom, you could be stocked with supplied for months!

You can even add a gas oven and/or three burner cook top to this unit, making it the ideal living quarters horse trailer for someone who likes home cooking on the road. SEE MORE


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Quick Walk-Through of the BH8X17SRB

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