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Taylor Nicole Rebman

Taylor Nicole RebmanHometown: Ashland, OH
Specific Styles: Western Pleasure
Primary Horse’s Name: “R Good Bargain “Rex””


“My name is Taylor Rebman and I am 18 years old. I started riding in shows when I was 6, starting off doing lead line. Then once I was 9 I started showing horses at my local county, Ashland Ohio. Accomplishments I am proud of is being able to show at the Ohio State Fair for 3 years, winning the belt buckle series and winning Grand Champion Horsemanship twice at the fair. I owe this to my grandma for pushing me to be the best I can be and for Cory for helping me gain confidence in the saddle.

This year I will be showing my two favorite horses, R Good Bargain “”Rex”” and Heza Promise Keeper “”Beamer””. I will be taking them to the All American Youth Horse Show this May. Some of my goals this year include getting a ribbon at AAYHS and the Ohio State Fair and getting Grand Champion Showmanship or Horsemanship at my county fair.”

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