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Taylor Collins

Taylor CollinsHometown: Roy, WA
Specific Styles: Rodeo
Primary Horse’s Name: “Roany”


Hi My names Taylor Collins, I wasn’t born into a rodeo family which has made me becoming a roper a lot more difficult because I’ve had to do everything on my own. But with the people that I have behind me like Brett Hale and Casey Hale they have made my dreams possible and have pushed me higher than I ever though I would go. As I continue to ride us and soon hope to be roping in the prca my practice never lets up, no matter what I am in the practice pen every single night I’m not at a rodeo. But having the that drive is what has made all of this possible, had made me be able to win the chute dogging at almost all the jr rodeos has made it to where I can win the wild cow milking and win the calf roping, were trill working on the team roping part but me and my partner are working dang hard to make it happen

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