Syerra Rusher | Lakota Young Professional

Syerra Rusher

Shy, Smart, Stubborn Headed, Thoughtful

Syerra Rusher, Barrel Racing
Hometown: Danville, IN
Riding Style: Western
Specific Styles: Western Pleasure
Primary Horse’s Name: Katabug


Hi I’m syerra!
I’ve been riding horses since the age of 6 and have been showing since I was 10. I own a grulla foundation Quarter Horse and her name is Katabug. She’s sweet and sassy and loves bananas! What I’m most proud of is that I have trained kata on my own! I compete in Western Pleasure and occasionally English pleasure. I really look up to my dad who used to bull ride. He’s taught me no matter the outcome always have a smile and keep your head up!

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Instagram: @syerrarenee_29

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