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Riley Hall

Riley HallHometown: Wilton, CA
Specific Styles: Western Pleasure
Primary Horse’s Name: “Baby”


“My name is Riley,
And I have been riding for 6 years. My mom sold my first horse Carlos when I was 8 years old. I never thought I would ever ride again or be at the point I am now in horse riding. On august 12th 2016 I met my best friend emma, and she introduced me to her horse baby. Baby was a retired horse that no one really messed with anymore, she was a challenge to tame back down. She would start bucking and kicking at me simply squeezing my legs to have her move. Now I can canter her no problem, and I have recently started showing her every month. I feel like this horse has made a huge change in my life. She built up my confidence in riding and made me feel safe.
Baby and I now enjoy doing trail rides, western pleasure shows, and simply just messing around.”

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