Paige Cannon | Lakota Young Professional

Paige Cannon

A hard working, big dreaming barrel racer

Paige Cannon, Barrel Racing
Hometown: Linesville, PA
Riding Style: Western
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: Willy


I am Paige Cannon, I am a barrel racer from western PA. I have been riding for 11 years now. I had always had a love for horses until I had the chance to finally ride one. The addiction began! I started out doing English/jumping and was more interested in speed. So I made the switch to barrel racing after 8 years of English lessons. Ever since I have trained my own barrel horses to run!

I now buy/trail/resell barrel horses. Primarily AQHA and APHA but I also LOVE getting horses out of the kill pen and retraining them for barrels and find them a loving home❤️! My idol is by far, Fallon Taylor, not only is she a great barrel racer/trainer but she has an amazing positive attitude and is very motivational and we need lots more people like her in the barrel racing world!❤️

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Instagram: @Pc.barrelhorses

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