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Mikayla Grace Bolte

Mikayla Grace BolteHometown: Carlton, OR
Specific Styles: Rodeo
Primary Horse’s Name: “Gunner”


I am just a 16 year old gamer trying to make my mark in the rodeo world and help as many people as possible do the best they can. I have competed in ohset for two years with the horse I have currently Gunner, youth rodeo one year and 4-h two years and am taking a break currently. Gunner is my blessing I had no idea what he was capable of all I knew was that he was not going to be put down for bucking, which is why I rescued him and am now amazed at what he/we have accomplished. We went from consistently running 20’s in barrels to running low 18’s on large patterns and from running 30s in poles to consitanly running 22-23s. I could not be more happy with where we are and how much we are still improving and we just want to make our mark on the world the best way we can.

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