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Mieli Hansen

Mieli HansenHometown: Salem, OR
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: “Nugget”


Born and raised in the pacific northwest, I try my hardest at every possible opportunity to succeed. I compete with my high school’s equestrian team, where I have learned that I need to earn my place in success. This past year, 5 of my teammates and I proved coaches and other fellow teammates wrong by bringing our drill team to 2nd place in the state. Also, my team penning team under took on unforeseen major stress and we were all still able to work together well enough to place 2nd at state, only missing 1st by one second. Since I have been able to be apart of these teams, it has taught me how important it is to not listen to those who tell you it’s not possible, and that if you work together, your chances of success are far greater. A man a look up to is Conor MeGregor. He came from a place where he wasn’t supposed to amount to anything, but someone believed in him and now he is a world champion. My horses are who believe in me; every time I work with them, they either teach me something new or I teach them. That’s the kind of teamwork I strive for and I would love to show others this by succeeding the most I can.

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