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Mejruša Rustemović

Mejruša RustemovićHometown: CO, Arvada
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: “Ms.BlackJewel” and “MFR Track Angel”


My name is Mejruša Rustemović I am from Arvada, Colorado I was born November 10, 2004. A bit about my story, well my mama would tell me how she would ride pregnant and well I have been riding before birth. Later on, I began riding from the tender age of 2 of course on a pony and technically someone would hold me in place, I continued to go on trail rides nothing big. When I reached the age of 7 I applied to become a member of the Westernaires horse drill team, they taught me so much of what I know today. I left Westernaires because I wanted to follow my true passion which was barrel racing. We also were moving at this point so we had to consider some areas where I could continue working on my dream, we found Wild West Ranch where I met my amazing coach Marie Stephenson, from MNC Performance Horses, she has taught me so much and I truly would not be where I am today if it were not for her. I continued taking barrel racing lessons and then began to compete competitively exactly on September 3, 2016, with Mile Hi Barrel Horse Association. Three things that I could not live without 1, God and his word. 2, my family they have been through so much and even sacrificed so much for me to be able to make my dream come true, I owe so much to them. 3, my amazing horse Jewel I love her to the ends of the Earth and don’t know what I would without her, I would not be where I am today without her she is my true love. Jewel, loves attention and treats two of her favorite things, she has been there for me through the laughs and tears we have been through so much together I could not imagine life without my baby. Lastly, I ride by faith.

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