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Madison Elizabeth Snyder

Madison Elizabeth SnyderHometown: PA, Sunbury
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: “Jay Jay”


“Hello! I’m Madison (or Madi). I currently barrel race, pole bend, as well as doing other gymkhana events such as keyhole. I’ve been riding for something around 2 years solidly, but have ridden long before then. I’ve had my heart set on being a horse person since I laid eyes on a neighboring pasture beside my great-grandmothers house when I was about 3. And, it never left. This year is my first year of competitions, but I’ve worked so hard, especially within the past few months, to be able to get where I am.

JayJay (my horse) is a 10 year old, flea-bitten grey Arabian. We’ve been a team since early last year, but I’ve just come to owning her in January as a birthday present. I think what truly has expanded the way we’ve bonded, and built trust in each other is the fact neither of us liked each other at first. In fact, I was so reluctant to even start riding her! But now,I truly believe it was one of the best decisions of my life. Yes, we are both continuing to learn and grow, but we are doing it together – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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