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Madalin McMullen

Madalin McMullen Hometown: MI, Leonard
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: “Dashed Past ”


Hello, my name is Madalin McMullen. I have only recently had the privilege of entering the horse world. I started by working in a barn mucking stalls and learning as much as I could about all things horse related. I then found out about my high school equestrian team and became determined to become a speed rider(mind you I had only sat on a horse 3 times at a walk/trot). I then found one of my best friends along with my equine partner. I had 4 months to learn how to ride and run speed. It proved to be difficult and exhausting, but my friend and horse never gave up on me. I made it through the equestrian team season taking firsts and seconds in the events including barrels, flags, and two-man. Nine months later, I now run on the NBHA circuit and other weekend barrel shows and have improved my times of a 18.2 second barrel run to a 15.816 barrel run. I would like to thank my best friend for spending day after day teaching me to ride, my coaches for putting faith in a train wreck and helping me become a stronger and determined rider, and my family for the support system they send with me. Most importantly, I would like to thank Dash for tolerating me and pushing me to learn more and more with every moment spent with him.

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