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Lillian Safko

Lillian SafkoHometown: Spanaway, WA
Specific Styles: Dressage
Primary Horse’s Name: “Buddy”


“Hello my name is Lilly, I ride a 17 year old standardbred named Buddy. I am 15 years old and love to compete on Buddy. Buddy is 15.1 hands and very versatile, he can do pretty much every discipline I try as I’m still deciding what one I want to get further in to as I get older. I’m defiantly leaning towards dressage or 3 day eventing as those two have struck the most interested to me.
I compete in 4h, WAHSET, open shows and a few others. I’ve gotten plenty of awards and I’ve won some prizes in barrel racing series, I’ve been in 4h for two years and have gone to state both times! Last year I went for gaming and performance and then this year I went for gaming, performance and dressage. I’ve been competing with Buddy for 3 almost 4 seasons now. I did competed one or two seasons before that but it wasn’t consistently so I don’t really count it.
Thank you for reading.”

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