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Katherine Margret Rose

Katherine Margret RoseHometown: Chico, CA
Specific Styles: Rodeo
Primary Horse’s Name: “Twitch”


“My name is Kate Rose I am 14 years old with a big dream. I dream to one day have an opportunity to participate in the NFR and have the experience of a lifetime. My horses name is Twitch he is 12 year old gelding, he is going to be a stepping stone to achieving that dream.
I compete in Jr Rodeos and Barrel races throughout the year. I have won cash, jewelry, sweatshirts, and more. I am competing on a free pasture horse that had barrel experience when he was young. This is important because I feel people should be inspired and know its not about how much money you can spend but how much time you can spend. Over all I’m just a small town girl from Chico California hoping to get closer to my dream everyday.”

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