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Katelyn Toulouse

Katelyn ToulouseHometown: OH, Williamsfield
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: “Henny Penny”


In 2018, I owned an 15 yr old 14.1 Appaloosa/ quarter pony named Chyenne. We completed most of the spring to be ready for fair on August 7-12. We qualified in keyhole and barrels for state after, a month after we had a major setback when she was injured. The Ohio State Fair was a great experience, we didn’t place but we would’ve been 11th in keyhole, and 12th in barrels, but they only place to ten. During fair weplaced in all her classes 1st or 2nd. Later, we found out that Chyenne became blind in both eyes and she has been retired. The new mare I’m riding is a 10 yr old 15.2 palomino named Henny Penny. She isn’t a good as Chyenne, but she’s a great horse.

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