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Kaitlin Llewellyn

Kaitlin LlewellynHometown: Red Deer, AL
Specific Styles: Western Pleasure
Primary Horse’s Name: “Orion”


“I am kaitlin Llewellyn. I am 18 years old and I live in central Alberta Canada. I own two horses, a 2013 aqha mare and a 2008 azteca gelding. I do liberty with my azteca and am trying to find a discipline to pursue with my aqha. we will get getting into cattle soon!

My personal accomplishments include reserve champion in the 2015 weanling hosted by rocking heart ranch. I also competed in a colt starting competition hosted McGregor quarter horses. Having the 3rd highest selling horse I was very proud even though I didn’t not place due to having to pull my second colt out of the competition . I hope to do my training challenges soon!”

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