Juliann Barnum | Lakota Young Professional

Juliann Barnum

Punchy gal for the experience with blessed opportunities

Juliann Barnum, Barrel Racing
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Riding Style: Western
Specific Styles: Roping
Primary Horse’s Name: Cochise


My name is Juliann Barnum, I live in Bakersfield, CA. I’ve competed in some barrel races here in Bakersfield also one in Caliente, CA. I am more of a ranch girl, I can rope head or heel, I’ve doctored cattle, sorted, vaccinated, castrated, I’ve been up in high country Ive been going back and forth to Nevada where I work with my cousin Justin where he runs a ranch. I couldn’t do it without my hard working 16 year old paint Cochise who does anything I ask, I owe it all to my family and friends for giving me the opportunities to learn in the branding pen and out on the mountains. The person I look up to most would be Justin Mcneil, I would not be the person I am today if he wasn’t there to help me push through with my dreams. I am truly blessed with the horses that I have, I’m thankful for my father who breaks our horses and has taught me how to drive a gooseneck trailer. Blessed with my punchy horse who can do it all!

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