Julia Bonner | Lakota Young Professional

Julia Bonner

Christian, Funny, Friendly, and Hard Working

Julia Bonner, Barrel RacingHometown: Haleyville, AL
Riding Style: Western
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: Solo


I started out as a trail rider with ponies. I really wanted to run barrels and do the play day events. I couldn’t really find anyone to teach me. I hated asking my parents for money (I still do). We were fairly poor. The odds were strongly against me. When I was 11 I heard there was a cowboy church fixing to start up near me. We began going, and I got saved. I found people willing to teach me how to barrel race, pole bend, and just about every rodeo event. My parents got a divorce about 3 years ago. That took a really big piece out of me. I currently live with my dad. I found a great horse that has taught me so much. He has won countless things for me. He is a true blessing. I’ve had him for 2 and a half years. And I’m not sure who’s learned more, me or him. I’ve taught him to become a soft and responive horse again.

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