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Jaclyn Curtis-Chapman

Jaclyn Curtis-ChapmanHometown: VA, Fredericksburg
Specific Styles: Western Pleasure
Primary Horse’s Name: “Zippos Fine Redeemer (Peanut)”


I started riding when I started walking and now at almost 16 years old I love riding and showing my horses almost as much as I love the horses themselves. When I was nine I joined my local 4-H club and started going to their 4-H events as well as showing at the State 4-H level. After a few years I placed high enough at the state level to make it to the regional level. I’ve been to the Southwest 4-H Regional Show in Perry,GA twice. Once in 2015 and again in 2018 and I hope to make it to Georgia again this year. As much as I love showing, I love my horses more. My horses have helped me through countless good and bad times in my life. My horses have been and always will be my very best friends even though they have never said a word to me.

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