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Haylie Layne

Haylie LayneHometown: Campbell
Specific Styles: Rodeo
Primary Horse’s Name: “Shake N Zook”


I’m 14 years old and have been riding my whole life! The love for horses and rodeo runs in my whole family, I run in barrels and poles! I have 3 main horses, Sneak who is my main barrel horse, Trick is my backup, and Vegas is my pole horse! Ive won 8 Buckles on Vegas and 5 on Trick! Currently on Sneak I’ve only won one, but I haven’t had him very long. I’ve been very close to qualifying for the Jr NFR! I hope to in 2020! I did qualify for the ” Run For The Bonus” in 2020, in Oklahoma! I will be competing at Lucky Dog in Memphis, TN in December! They have over 800+ runners!

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