Emma Seymour | Lakota Young Professionals

Emma Seymour

Emma SeymourHometown: Wilton, CA
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: “Rachel”


Rachel is a mustang that was caught from the wild. Everyone told me I couldn’t do certain things on her. And I let it get to me but I eventually blocked it out. Now Rachel knows insane tricks, and she can jump 2ft, barrel race, trail, rope and do herding. My other horse Rosie is a western pleasure queen! She has won her previous owner about 4 belt buckles at one show! She does have lameness issues, so she can only do western pleasure but I love her no matter what. Rachel was actually my first horse, and I got Rosie 2 months ago and already have competed in an event. So basically never give up on your hopes and dreams, if they aren’t hard to accomplish then they aren’t worth succeeding at <3 I had to learn the hard way, I had to be doubted at every path I wanted to take, but just keep going forward. Follow me on social media! Instagram: Emma Seymour

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