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Courtney Maldonado

My name is Courtney, I train performance horses as a living.

Courtney Maldonado, Barrel RacingHometown: Boerne, TX
Riding Style: Western
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: Quintivious Kanyon, PeptosHotNBlazin and HollywoodPocoOlena


My name is Courtney Maldonado I am from the small town of Boerne, Texas. I was born to 2 amazing a supportive parents! I started competing in 2009 competitively. I have won multiple competitions, in the past 2 years I have competed in futurity races 2015 we won the futurity 2D at the end of HHBRA and in 2016 we won the 3D barrel race at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo as well as the 2D poles on my 6 year old that I training myself. Charmaine James is one of the few lady’s I look up to, she is the reason I still compete. In 2009 I went to a clinic and she told me “follow your dreams and don’t hold back, trust in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you different”. Ever since then it has been game on. I own 3 horses Quintivios Kanyon aka Echo who is 6, PeptosHotNBlazin aka Fletcha who is 2 and HollywoodPocoOlena aka Hollywood who is 2. They are all so different in every way but that’s what makes them unique. They give there heart out no matter what it is. They want it just as bad as I do.

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