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Chandler Petush

Chandler PetushHometown: Wooster, OH
Specific Styles: Roping
Primary Horse’s Name: “Bella and Marvin”


“Hi my name is Chandler Petush, I’m 16 years old and I have been riding horses since I was 8 years old; but, I have been raised around them for practically my whole life. I have been in 4-H and doing barrel racing with one of my 2 main horses, Marvin. For the past year I have also been team roping with my other horse, Bella. Team roping, particularily heading, has become my new favorite. I am about to start my 2nd year at Youth rodeo Challenge series in south central Ohio. I run youth rodeo events with both Marvin and Bella. Bella and I do roping events such as breakaway roping heading and heeling although I am mainly a header the other events are just as fun. Marvin and I do barrels, and pole bending together.
I have won many awards in my horse riding career including Grand Champion at the Ashland county fair three years in a row. I have also won groind roping at the Ohio state fair and have placed in the top 10 in barrels keyhole and stakes at state fair in the last 4 years. The award I am most proud of is the Pam Kline award which is given out at my county fair for leading by example and setting a good example for others to follow. I have also received the sportsmanship award which is voted on by the horse exhibitors and it is for helping other members and having good sportsmanship. I really enjoy helping other members learn to ground rope or giving them pointers that improves their riding. I also love training horses, this winter as well as running youth rodeo I will also be training my next roping horse prospect that I will hopefully take to college with me. I am hoping to go to Montana State and do the colt starting class that is instructed by Reatta Brannaman while I major in equine/ pre-vet. A couple of important role models in my life are my trainer Sadie Vandyne, she has taught me almost everything I know about riding, training horses and roping; my parents who have taught me about everything in life; and a couple local ropers Steve Rickley and Pat Dannison who have taken time to work with a kid they didnt even know on roping. I hope you enjoyed reading my story and if you want, you can follow my rodeoing on facebook.”

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