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Lakota Young Professionals Association

The Lakota Young Professionals Association is a program to help young riders get their name out to the world! We want you to share your accomplishments and promote you on Lakota’s social media channels of 100K+ followers!

Please complete the application below. Upon accepting an application, we will send you a Lakota Patch and build you a profile page on our website (see example). Note: If accepted, the information submitted (below) will be used on your future profile page.


  • Must be age 12-21
  • Own or use a horse in competition
  • Compete at minimum 3 times per year
  • Show unquestioned good sportsmanship
  • Not be sponsored by other trailer brands
  • LOVE horses as much as we do!

Requirements for Membership

  1. Regularly post results of rodeos or horse shows you compete in, and include Lakota’s hashtag #LakotaYPA (so we can re-post them to our feed for you)!
  2. Send Lakota any pictures of you or your horse that you wouldn’t mind Lakota using in our digital or print media (e.g website, social media, print banners, etc).
  3. Spread the word about our program! We want to connect Young Professionals all across the nation!
  4. Disclaimer: Lakota reserves the right to change membership rules anytime, and without notice. For the latest requirements, please contact us.


starburstApplications can ONLY be submitted with desktop/laptop computers and images must be less than 400mb (If images aren’t resized or submitted by a mobile device our server will not be able to load the application…), thank you for your interest to join us!

Please fill out the application completely.

Your Full Name

Your Email

Street Address


State (choose N/A if from Canada)

Zip or Postal Code

Province (only select if from Canada)

Date of Birth


Main Horse's Name

Style of Riding

Favorite Specific Style

Social Media Usernames

Instagram: (please 1)

Do you Own a Horse?

How Often Do You Compete?

How Did You Find About LYPA?

Attach a Photo. Please make sure it's a good quality photo of you (the whole world will be able to see it) and featuring something horse-related. Examples may include you standing next to your horse, riding your horse, or standing in a barn, arena, etc.

Please write a short bio for your personal webpage. Include any awards won, accomplishments that you're proud of, role models, and anything that you want others to know about you. Please include a minimum of 6 sentences, but no more than 2 paragraphs. REMEMBER! This is what people will read about you, so make it great! Example