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Anja Beal

Devoted, outgoing, never discouraged, hardworking, persistent, and determined

Anja Beal, Barrel RacingHometown: Bailey, CO
Riding Style Western
Specific Styles Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name Nila and Little Bit


My name is Anja Beal. I’ve owned horses my whole life but have really started riding and competing the last 6-7 years. I own two horses at the moment Nila and Little Bit. Both AQHA registered. Nila is a small 14.2 hands palomino while Little Bit is 15.3 hands and a flea bitten grey. I started high school rodeo in the spring of 2016 and it took me on a wild path. I wasn’t very experienced when I started and my little palomino was my only horse at the time. She had some major issues that we had to overcome. She would refuse to go into the right lead which is a problem for the sport I choose to do (barrel racing). After months of taking in advice and working with her I now have the most bomb proof, willing, gentle horse anyone could ask for. This summer I took on another project feeling I was ready for another challenge and got my grey Little Bit. She had sat out in a pasture for a year with no human contact besides feeding. Watching her whenever I visited the ranch she was at I saw great potential in her and thought it would be a shame if she sat there for the rest of her life. So I bought her and am now training her to be my next prospect. So far we’ve made leaps and bounds. I hope to enter her in her first race the end of this year. The best feeling in the world is winning or reaching a goal with something you’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into. Of course happy and sad tears. Whenever you want to quit just remember someone is always out there for you and it’s all so worth it in the end:)

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