Amanda Kinard | Lakota Young Professional

Amanda Kinard

Hard working, compassionate, determined, brave,adventurous, diligent

Bailee JuliusHometown: Gales Ferry, CT
Riding Style: Western
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: “NR SPANISH SERENADE”


I feel as though I have accomplished a lot over my past years as a rider. I have had many of those “scary fall” moments and many of the “I cant do this” moments. But through the tears of falling and the anger of failing, it has only made me a better rider. I definitely ride by the “get back in the saddle” quote because it has shown me that you can do anything if you just keep trying and set your heart to it “fall seven times, stand up eight” its important to never give up.
My role model for riding is my instructor. I started riding with her when I was little learning the basics about caring for horses to learning the way of riding and having the love for the sport. I wouldn’t ask for anyone else to teach me how to stick with what I love and show me what a barn family really is. She has picked me up out of the dirt and wiped my tears away; she taught me everything I know about riding and horses and I couldn’t ask for a better trainer

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