Alyssa Nicole Gianakopulos | Lakota Young Professionals

Alyssa Nicole Gianakopulos

Alyssa Nicole GianakopulosHometown: Clovis, CA
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: “Macho”


I have been to many horse shows and gymkhanas but barrels have always caught my eye. I love the sport and so many girls from the Lakota team inspire me. I follow many of them on social media and always show them support. My hose and I won 4th place at our last show and strive to get better. If I am apart of your team I would push myself to become better. I trained my horse from scratch to run barrels and he is becoming a good little horse for barrels and poles. If I make the team, It would be really amazing to see where it takes me. Without hoses, life would be boring and I love them so much! Thank you.

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