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Alyssa N Allen

Alyssa N AllenHometown: NJ, Rosenhayn
Specific Styles: Dressage
Primary Horse’s Name: “Simply Priceless “Laredo””


“Born in South Jersey, any excuse to be in a barn and ride horses, I took advantage of! Since the age of five, I have always been horse crazy. I began competitively riding at age 8 and won many consecutive first places and grand champion ribbons at dressage shows. Simply Priceless aka Laredo is one of the best horses I have ever ridden. Being only four years old he has the mindset of being a winner. Laredo has taught me lessons of patience and trustworthiness and always reassuring me that everything will be okay.
In my opinion, every horse can teach you something about yourself that you did not even know. These animals give you the ability to soar to new heights and take you on adventures that you never even thought of going on before. My future goals include competing all over the country and continue to be a role model as a Lakota Young Professional!

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