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Alanna Wienkes

Alanna WienkesHometown: Highland, WI
Specific Styles: Rodeo
Primary Horse’s Name: “Scout”


I’ve won lots of 1st place at jackpots on my horse Scout that I trained for rodeo. I go to jackpots every other Tuesday over the summer. I also go to jackpots over the winter on the weekends. Scout wasn’t rides in 5 year till I got him and trained him when I was 10. I started to rodeo when I was 12 and I been winning jackpots ever since then. When I was training him I need to know how to train a barrel and pole horse so I went into YouTube and looked at some of Fallon Taylor’s videos and learned from there. Fallon Taylor is my role model I want to be able to say that I never gave up and I pushed my self to get here I am today. I’ve pushed my self ever since and I’ve started to train other horses that I have and I’ve used Fallon Taylor’s videos like I did the first time.

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