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Alana Salas

Alana SalasHometown: michigan city, IN
Specific Styles: 3 Day Eventing
Primary Horse’s Name: “All Eyes On 9 aka Geronimo”


Hello my name is Alana Salas. I own two horses named All Eyes on 9 aka Geronimo and Twist of fat aka Finnick. Geronimo is my main horse. He is truly a one in a million horse, my heart horse! Geronimo & Finnick are both rescues. my goal for them both is to be put into a liberty team and a brideless team to show how amazing a rescue horse can be! we hope to do rescue demos! we plan to open a rescues ranch to save rescues and blm mustangs! my goal is to keep spreading awareness and keep saving until one day i dont have to! I love training rescues to love and trust again! Its truly amazing to watch! My name is Alana Salas and i promote the saving of rescues and mustangs/ all natural training!!

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