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Abby Bouchard

I am 17, I have been around horses my whole life.

Abby Bouchard, Barrel Racing
Hometown: Warren, PA
Riding Style: Western
Specific Styles: Barrel Racing
Primary Horse’s Name: Remington


My name is Abby Bouchard, I am 17-years old, and I live in Forestville, PA. I was born on November 25th, 1999. I have been riding horses ever since I can remember, my first time on a horse I was 6 months old. I contest ride, I would love to do other activities, like roping, cutting, etc. I have always made a goal that one day I could compete in the NFR and move out west. I have been in 4-H since I was 8, I have been to the PA State 4-H Horse Show 3 times. The first year, in 2014, I competed in 1 class, barrels. The year after that I qualified in cutback. I did not place in barrels in 2014, I knocked. But in 2015 I was 9th in cutback. This current year, 2016, I placed I qualified in keyhole, cutback, and barrels. I am State Champion in keyhole, 9th in barrels, and 10th in cutback. I am currently training a horse of my own, Twister, and a boarder’s horse, Odie. I hope one day I can compete in the NFR and/or be a jockey. I run with Penn-Ohio and IBRA people, I love running with them. It makes you a stronger rider knowing you have to ride harder to compete. I absolutely love watching and taking advice from Michele McLeod, Sherry Cervi, and Sarah McDonald. I love watching their videos and learning their ways to become as great as them.

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