2017 Lakota Young Professionals Association Awards


2017 Young Professionals Association Awards

Among the BEST riders in Lakota YPA


MOST Active

The Most Active Award goes to our members who contribute the most across Lakota social media platforms. This includes posts to our Lakota Trailers Feed, likes, comments, and encouraging advice.

Casey Lawhead
Cody Collins
Maddy Erwin
Penelope Keegan
Rheanna Kirby

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Encouraging Rider Of Year

The Encouraging Rider of the Year Award goes to the riders who go out of their way to help other riders. Whether sharing motivational thoughts, giving advice, and just showing interest in others. This is our most caring award.

Regan Davis

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Rising Star

The Rising Star Award is given to our riders who took their competition efforts to the next level. This is also more that just where you compete, it is someone gaining in popularity while still taking time to help riders who are just starting their journey.

Kate Memmen

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MOST Helpful

The Most Helpful Award goes to riders who contributed to growing and strengthening the association. Their positivity and willing to help others makes them stand out.

Brooke Klinger

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Discussion Leader

The Discussion Leader Award goes to riders who create the most positive discussion on Lakota’s social media feeds, particularly the Facebook group.

Raelee Taylor

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BEST Photgraphy

The BEST Photography Award goes to riders tagged #LakotaYPA in most high quality and interesting photos on social media!

Ally Hernandez

Bethany Waldren

Chezni Woods

Kristina Hernandez

Elizabeth Coe

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BEST Photo 2017

Taken by Emma Holden of her Lakota Charger Edition.