Horse Parachuting

✨NEW✨ Open Top Roof for Horse Parachuting

Horse Parachuting Trailer

The sport of Horse Parachuting is quickly rising in popularity throughout the UK and picking up steam here in the United States! Many horses find it to be a thrill after that long winter stuck in the barn. Current research from Litle and Kelson Group shows that “Horses who participate in parachute jumping are 65% more likely to out perform competitors in the show pen, and 100% more likely to load into a trailer without requiring walking.”

Here at Lakota Trailers we’re working to cater to this new sport by manufacturing the option for an open top roof! This feature makes landings much easier for the horse and alleviates the hassle of trailering “hard to load” horses.

Local resident Meghan Superczynski (Bozeman, MT) claims, “Our horses love Lakota’s open top roof! The roof is very easy to open and we can tell our horses enjoy cutting out the extra step of walking into the trailer.”

For more information, please call Lakota Trailers directly. Please note that this special option is available for one day only, on April, 1 2017!

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