Best Warranty On The Market

Best Warranty On The Market

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There are several aspects to a warranty buyers consider before making the big purchase. Lakota is commonly known by their customers for having the best overall warranty in the market, but why?

There are several reasons for this including the length of warranty on the structure, living quarters, etc. However the main reason for Lakota’s popularity is in the unique way their units are built. For most manufacturers the trailer chassis/structure are built by Company “A”, while the conversion and living quarters are built by Company “B.” This arrangement can cause havoc if anything goes wrong and you try to use the warranty. Company “A” and Company “B” tend to point fingers at one another about who is at fault and who will pay.

Lakota builds your entire trailer from wheels to roof and the warranty applies to all of your unit, living quarters, structure, etc. Though it’s uncommon to have trouble with a Lakota, they make it easy if you do. If something is broken they fix it, if you’re upset they’ll make it right, that is the Lakota way.

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Andrew Stanfield

Andrew Stanfield has been with Lakota Trailers since 2015 and is currently serving as CMO overseeing the company's marketing, advertising, web development, and video production efforts.