✨5 Ways to Get Accepted: Lakota Young Professionals Association✨

So you want to be a Lakota Young Professional??

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Currently hosting around 725 members, the Lakota Young Professionals Association is continuing to grow rapidly in a short amount of time. Sorting through the hundreds of applications we have received since the launch of the LYPA in September 2016, we have come up with a few things that make some applicants stand out above the others.

✨5 Ways to Get Accepted:

1.Fill in all personal information accurately.

These include:
– Spelling your name correctly. (Really!)
– Typing in your home address correctly. (This is where your patch gets delivered, so it’s important!)
– Giving the correct email address where you are able to be reached.

All of these things are important for communicating with you as LYPA members, and getting your Lakota patches to the right place.

2.Take your time!

The Bio portion of the application is for us here at Lakota and the other LYPA members to get to know more about you using your profile! We love reading through them, so please add things like:
– How long you’ve been riding
– Who your role models are in the horse world
– Even tell us about your horse!

Don’t be afraid to write too much…there’s no such thing!


Please attach photos in .jpeg format! Also, please make sure your picture is appropriate, (i.e. No dog filter SnapChat selfies.) Treat this as if corporate businesses in the horse world will be looking, because they will be!

4.Use a desktop computer.

The mobile version of the Lakota Trailers website is awesome to scroll through on your phone (Just check out some of our 3D trailer tours!) However, it is unable to submit your application. So to avoid any frustration, please use a desktop computer or laptop to submit it!

5.PLEASE be patient.

Lakota is just as excited as you are you get your application processed, but it may take a few days. The minute you are accepted, you will receive an email!

Are you ready to become a Lakota Young Professional? Click here!

Thanks for checking out the Lakota Blog! Check back in next week when we feature our newest LYPA Rider of the Week!

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Andrew Stanfield

Andrew Stanfield has been with Lakota Trailers since 2015 and is currently serving as CMO overseeing the company's marketing, advertising, web development, and video production efforts.